Custom Design

Indoor or outdoor. Cubed or curved. Matt or Gloss. You dream it, we’ll build it.

Yew Seng Gardening specializes in custom fiberglass planters that transform your outdoor space into world of your imagination. Fiberglass is one of the best planter materials for your yard, patio, or commercial areas.

Anywhere, any planter.

We work with architects, interior designers and individual property owners to realize their landscape designs. Current and past projects include hotels, restaurants, retail locations, homes and offices. Our modern planters live in all kinds of places—entryways, patios, courtyards, pool decks, and indoors too.

The choices are yours.

Fiberglass planters are robust, durable, and lightweight. It is sturdy and durable enough to hold even tall trees and shrubs strongly, indoors and outdoors, irrespective of weather conditions. It is considerably lighter than stone and can be moved around to host events, renovations and cleaning.

Easy (and speedy) does it.

Allow our designer to create a just-for-you fiberglass planter design according to your needs and space, ensuring that it will add value and function and stand out from the rest. We will take into account what best suits you.

Our Team Members are experienced and skilled in the plant industry and can bring your vision to life. We can adopt a great design and a dedicated service plan for your property.

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