JT133 Watermelon Long 长西瓜


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Mulan is a seeded watermelon variety grows will in tropical zone. Average fruit is 3-4kg. Fruit is oblong shape, dark green rind with dark strip. Flesh is juicy, crispy with high sweetness up to 12% Brix. Harvest in 70 days. It contains large amount of glucose, malic acid, fructose, amino acid and vitamin C.
此西瓜适应性广,容易在热带地区栽培,果重4-5kg公斤,可结2-3粒果。播种后约70天即可采收,果实椭圆形, 肉色鲜红,品质爽口宜人,甜度可达12%。其富含葡萄糖, 苹果酸, 果糖, 蛋白氨基酸及维生素C。

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