JT135 Pumpkin Big 大南瓜


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Hercules is a good disease resistance tropical pumpkin variety. The fruit is flatten round in shape with average weight about 3-4kg. Mature in 70 days. Flesh is deep yellowish, very nutty with excellent eating quantity. It contains high vitamin A, antioxidant and beta-carotene.
此南瓜适合在热带地区栽种,容易栽培, 产量高。果实呈扁球形, 平均果重量可达3-4kg公斤, 果肉深黄色, 质粉细腻, 味甜肉厚。 播种后约70天即可采收。含有高维他命A, 抗氧化素和β-胡萝卜素

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