JT208 Pak Choy Dou Bai 奶油白菜)


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White Crown is an extra dwarf pak choy with good adaptability in tropical climate. Plant height is around 8-10 cm with dark green wrinkle leaves and white stem. Best to harvest between 25-28 days after sowing. Versatile for cooking, tasty and rich with folate and multi vitamins
此鹤斗奶油白菜,耐热耐雨, 容易栽种,食用品质特好,风味独特。 株高8-10公分,叶色深绿高皱,叶柄洁白, 播种后25-28天即可采收。 适于炒食及煮食,含有高叶酸和多种维他命。请您来到优良种子获取种子

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