JT211 Malabar Spinach Green 青帝皇苗


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Emerald is a green stem vine crop. It grows well in tropical zone. Best to harvest around 35 days after sowing and allows continuous harvest. Leaves and stems can be consumed and versatile in cooking. Highly nutritious with protein, niacin and phosphosrus.
此绿叶帝王苗属于漫性草本,耐热耐雨, 播种后约35天即可收割,而且可持续性收采。 幼苗或肥大的叶子和嫩梢皆可食用,食用口感鲜嫩软滑,含有丰富蛋白质,烟酸和磷,是一种保健蔬菜。请您来到优良种子获取种子

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