JT212 Chinese Cabbage 皇京白菜


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Arcadia has wide adaptability in tropical region. Plant height about 30-35cm with light yellow leaves and thick white stems. Best to harvest between 25-28 days after sowing. Versatiel for cooking and highly nutritious with dietary fiber, protein and vitamin A.

此皇京白菜品种为半结球体系,适应性强,能在热带区正常生长,株高约30-35公分, 叶片浅绿带黄,叶柄洁白, 播种后25-28天即可采收。 食用品质高,烹煮多样化, 营养丰富,含有植物纤维,蛋白质及维他命A,是一种保健蔬菜

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